For Those in an Emotional Affair Recovery

Emotional Affair Recovery is a Newer Type of Affair

With internet at an all time high usage, the ability to communicate has increased tenfold, and with both spouses working outside the home affairs become more prevalent and so does the possibility of dealing with an emotional affair recovery.  Emotional adultery or an emotional affair are synonymous terms and are a real as you can make them.

Are you discovering your emotions running deep and finding that your secretive relationship beyond your personal marriage intrudes into your home love life, then you might find out that, an affair can dive in deeply as an intimate love interest or it can be as simple as a casual conversational partner that you share intimate emotional details with.  If you are getting over an affair, whether emotional or physical, everything here at we will center around the emotional aspect of having an affair and will be geared towards helping an individual with the process of having some type of recovery.

To give time and attention to another person who is not your spouse is damaging not only to your past efforts to your marriage but damaging to your spouse themselves. Although this type of extramarital relationship seems innocent enough, its usually somewhere down the road where when the problem gets discovered by your partner. If you are thinking about ending an emotional affair you have to remember there are more people than just you who is involved.

The slippery slope of an affair becomes a gradual, slow  process that can take over your thought processes where your sense of reality gets lost the deeper you find your self in it. It is an addictive cycle.

How did you feel when your relationship ended emotionally?  There is no doubt the pain enters deep within your heart and depression usually follows.

Whether you are the person who found about your spouses affair in horror or you are the person who fell deeply in love, recovery for love lost is a slow and painful process.  We need to learn how to survive an affair, we need to learn how to have a slow and meaningful emotional affair recovery.

Surviving an Affair

Recovery from intimacy beyond your spouse can happen, but it must be taken day by day.  An emotional affair recovery can begin as soon as you decide to leave behind your secret love interest. Stopping emotional infidelity before it starts is much easier than becoming attached to someone then trying to survive an affair after its over or worse yet your spouse finding you in your relationship.

Hope is Always Near

Is there hope to save your relationship and create a affair proof marriage?Saving your marriage relationship should be the first priority, so if you are desperate to stay home and keep your family relationships intact then you should break off an intimate affair.
If the this relationship becomes apparent and is discovered by your spouse then an apology is the best starting point. The emotional devastation will continue but it is possible to reconnect and become stronger than prior to the love affair.

Men vs Women and an Emotional Affair Recovery

Men and women are usually emotionally different and it is said that men do not get as attached to an emotional relationship and women tend to fantasize about love and become more attached by transferring their feeling from fantasy to reality. Men unfortunately are just a susceptible to falling deeply in love even in a emotional affair that goes beyond the marriage boundaries, but on the average men tend to move on and don’t want the commitment. Trust is important in marriage and it is a act of commitment.  Searing this devotion makes this act of unity more difficult for both parties. Can you have a relationship if you cant trust your spouse?
The sanctity of marriage unfortunately for some people has minimal boundaries. The laws of men and God make it binding. This binding contract is often violated by both men and women and it can be done by a physical or an emotional connection. An affair that connects spiritually and mentally is just as hard to break away from as a physical one- some say even more. Since this public commitment is witnessed by God and man, breaking it apart then trying to save it is like trying to keep an airplane flying after it loses an engine. Pulling the plane back up to a level position can be as difficult as losing a relationship and starting an emotional affair recovery.

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